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PC performance care

We offer specialized care by performing maintenance tasks that can repair common computer problems. We will troubleshoot and target the issues, and replace any worn out or damaged parts. Update and repair software and drivers. We can get to the problems and solve your PC issues, we will teach you how to care for your computer and follow up with you.

PC Repairs

When do I need a repair or new part for my computer? How do know if a computer issue is not related to a virus? Should I do updates that come from the internet? What updates are needed, and which are not. So many things to consider about you PC performance, like do I need more RAM (memory space)? Contact us we will help you pinpoint the right thing to do to fix your issues.

PC parts that fail.

  1. Cooling Peripherals and Fans = $5-$30; inside your PC get hot and clogged with debris and dust causing them to make noise and burn out.
  2. Hard drives = $80-$100, these are the storage drivers they do all work keeping the data in order.
  3. Replace the cpu or motherboard, yours may be getting damaged for many environmental factors you cannot control, the obvious damaged from wear and tear or an event that caused phisical damage to your PC from impact or other factors.)
  4. Replace you monitor on your PC = $150-$300.New screens are more compatible with todays images and text requirements on the web.
  5. Get a new mouse and keyboard = $10-$75 yours maybe suffering from over use and could just wear out over time.

PC Upgrades

Adding more RAM to your PC can make it much faster, especially today where Games and software can use up alot of that space and render it's performance very poorly.

Cheap PC Hardware Fixes

  1. Get a Solid State Drive = $80-$100 (this is going to speed up your computer!) Solid state drives are new and more efficient that the traditional hard drives, if they do crash you can still recoverthe data.
  2. Add more RAM = $40-$80(random access memory) This also increases speed by freeing up space by allowing it to go cleaning into storage areas avoiding defragmented files, rendering a more efficient result in speed.
  3. Replace the motherboard or cpu = $100-$200, yours may be outdated, (it doesn't take long before there is something new rendering the old useless or inconvievable to live with.)
  4. Get a new VGA (Video Graphics Accelerator) = $150-$300 Gamers this is a must unless you are ready to go and buy a Gamers PC or Laptop for anywhere from $1200-$5000 you may experience the same results by building your current PC to handle your requirements.
  5. Buy some canned air = $15-$30 Clean out the fans and inside the case on your desk top. (not recommended for small devices)

Don't buy all new computer equipment every time there is a change.

INSTEAD Why not upgrade your equipment or Operating System and Software? It may cost less than starting over with a new machine, ask us, we are happy to share our recommendations. If you do this you can add more memory and video graphics cards, and expand your current computers performance and capabilities and enjoy great computer user experiences and productivity.

This article reflects general performance enhancing tasks.

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Equipment Repairs

Sometimes parts fail, for whatever reason; like dust or dirt, smoke and smog, humidity, heat, water damage or condensation. Environmental Factors can cause issues with your equipment. Of course some of the parts may have reached their life expectancy and may need to replaced. Some of the most common parts that fail are discussed in this article, contact us for more information.

Software Updates

Software Updates are critical to your programs and software applications to keep them up to date in our ever changing platform. So it is important that they are done. Easy right? Not so much anymore because of all the scams, data kidnapping, extortion and viruses out there. Contact us if you have any questions about the origin or integrity of any updates you may have been offered via the internet.

PC Fusion

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