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PC Fusion can help you decide what type of website you need or want and get you started. If you want us to build a site that is unique and programmed and set-up by PC Fusion or go with their website builder, word press or other options. PC Fusion can help you at a lower cost than building it from the website builder. It will be less because we can make graphics and develop pictures that you won't have to pay royalties for, and are your property. This is necessary to avoid copywrite costs, laws and penalties.

Hosting Companies

PC Fusion Partners with IpPage, Network Solutions, and Go Daddy and hosting companies for web site hosting, email server, and SEO packages (search engine optimization). A typical hosting plan from Godaddy has plenty of databases, and FTP (file transfer protocol) to get your new website up and running. They offer SSL certificates for your websites if you need it.

SSL Certificates

You will need it if you are storing data in a database and your clients are logging into your website or you have a shopping cart or services that require payment. If you don’t have a SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate, Some Search Engines will tag your site as Not Secure. This is visible in the upper left of the screen in the address bar.

SEO - Website Monetization

Website monitization is the term used to describe the placement of ads in your website pages that generate income when they have an impression (someone went to a page on your site that has an ad.) A click is when someone clicks on an ad to go to a site that they may make a purchase from. Then if someone buys something from the affiliate company will deposit and percentage of the sale in your account. PCFSN uses Google Adsense, Yahoo Contextual Ads, Amazon Associates Ads, and others to set-up monetization and place the ads.

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FTP - Website Publishing

PC Fusion provides website configuration and Setup services in Milwaukee WI, and Denver CO. You decide how your website will look the contents, and the functionality. We will work with you to get you set-up with a responsive design (can be viewed and used by any device no matter what size it is.). PC Fusion always works towards Atonoumous creations that your employees can add to or make changes whenever they need to and we are always ready to help and provide service.

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Domains - Website Addresses

You can obtain a Domain Name from nearly any web hosting company. The cheap domain names are generally anything that does not end in .com, and are not always great or appropriate. If you want you can use a different extension like .org, or .info or the option to join an auction to bid on the ideal domain name.

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