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Back up Servers

We offer tailored back-up & recovery solutions with both on and offsite data backup, storage and restoration. VMWare Virtual Machines Management and Vipre Security Control to protect your systems. Firewall and Anti-Virus Plans and Server Maintenance. We can restore your data to the last 15 minutes or any point that you feel the data was compromised. We recover lost, deleted and corrupt files, restoring them to their original state.

Cloud - Hybrid - Scalable

PC Fusion offers Secure Reliable On and Off-site Server Backup, routine and disaster recovery and data protection services. Your business is personal, your data is critical, you are in control when your systems are secure.

Protect your business intelligence data, and don't get involved with an IT services provider that doesn't let you control and own your business data that runs your everyday operations. With PC Fusion you are the boss, and your business files are always accessible to you.

Wisconsin Coverage

Onsite - Setup - Configure

PC Fusion provides on-site configuration and Setup services in Milwaukee WI, and Denver CO. We offer VM Ware Solutions, Remote Cloud Storage Services, Automated Server File and Database Backups, system configuration, implementation, and maintainance

We can get you started with just a single server with VMware that can host virtual machines. We will get you set-up with some cloud storage as your offsite back-up server disaster plan. We build systems to grow with you.

Denver Service Area

Secure - Flexible - Strategy

A hybrid IT model that includes cloud hosting, server and machine virtualization providing the core components of successful enterprises and organizations whom have achieved their marketing goals and have gained the competitive advantage.

PC Fusion puts all the pieces you need into a server network configuration that is just what you need, right when you need it.

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VPN Connectivity

PC Fusion can help your workers set up VPN Connection to make it possible to turn a home office into your own virtual office. PC Fusion will get your PC's and laptops or mobile phone or tablet so you can work from anywhere in the world via a VPN connection over the internet with secure connection.PC Fusion will help you to get connected and working with our remote desktop services. This avoids the need to get your servers back up and running with no extra service fees.

Server Solutions

A good back-up server plan implemented and working can save a company time and effort in case of a disaster or equipment failure. Recovery time can be critical, our tailored back-up server plans can save you countless hours by helping to save money, on back up services. PC Fusion will immediately restore your data securely. Tools all set-up and a good internet connection give us the power to let you run Business as efficiently as any Businrs Class Network can at a fraction of the cost.

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