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Network Configuration

We offer tailored network systems with both on and offsite data backup, storage and restoration. VMWare Virtual Machines Management and Vipre Security Control to protect your systems. Firewall and Anti-Virus Plans and Server Maintenance. We can restore your data to the last 15 minutes or any point that you feel the data was compromised. We recover lost, deleted and corrupt files, restoring them to their original state.

Home Networks

PC Fusion can help you get a Home Network Set-up. Protect your family and friends from internet content that may be harmful to them. You can also get us to set up a home office computer, with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) a connection to your business or place of work so you can work remotely from various devices, if you need it. Ask us about your options. A home network can put all the pieces together that make up a smart house too, Video doorbells, surveillance cameras with access from any device that has an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

home network diagram

Additional Bonus: You can set up your network to be family and kid friendly, by blocking out harmful sites and verbage you can keep your family safer than if they are not in the network.


Start blocking malicious activity, pop-ups and email spam. Had enough of the email scammers and spam? Had enough of the pop-ups and obnoxious self installing tool bars? Had enough of the hackers? PC Fusion will straighten things out for you and your Family by using the tools that are available in the applications we promote.

Business Networks

Small Business Network Diagram

We specialize in Small Business Start-ups, we will help you find the right tools and devices to run your business efficiently. Whether it is an Entrepeneur, Partners, for Small Businesses. A good network set up can save you countless hours by helping to save, back up, restore and store data securely. We offer offsite back up and use Vipre for viruses and other types of threats. VMWare is used to give you more capabilities by creating an array of virtual machines on one server. These tools and a good internet connection give us the power to let you run Business as efficiently as any Businrs Class Network can at a fraction of the cost.Additional Bonus: your data is on your machines and you own it. If you have ever subscribed to a service network and wanted to pursue other ways to run your business you may have had to exit without your business data and contacts you created during your subscription period. When you own your network no one can do this to you and your business again.

PC Fusion will help block malicious activity, hackers, pop-ups, email spam and scammers.

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