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Getting set-up

Automation can be in your Home, Apartment or Business. You will need an internet connection. For the devices listed in this article any connection will do, the speed of your internet can affect performance, we recommend at least 100Mbps uploading speed or higher. That is the standard it is the most affordable. You should have no performance issues with at least this speed.

Internet Service Providers

For Home and Business automation transformations, you need internet to your house or business, take a look at what ISP's (internet service providers) are available in your area, most any will do for this purpose, when I searched for ISP's I found this article comparing and choosing the top 14 IP's in my area, (Waukesha,WI) Listed are the top 3 from this article, the top of the list was Century Link offering Fiber for $85.00 per month great for Gaming and Perfect for households with multiple high-bandwidth users, they also have other plans that are less money and less speed the lowest pkg is $55.00 per month. The next is AT&T starting at $40.00 per month Speeds up to 100 Mbps^. Then there is Spectrum at $44.00 per month speeds up to 100 Mbps these are all adequate. source

Google Home

A great product that will let you connect to your automation devices and manage them, remotely from the Google Home App on your mobile phone, after they have been added. Control your lights, heating and cooling controls, door locks and video doorbells, TV’s, speakers, music, security systems, surveillence cameras, the list goes on. To find out about devices, and partners with the Google Home just search for “Control Smart Home Devices using Google Home”. There are many smart light bulb companies that have partnered with Google Home, Phillips Hue and Feit Electric are 2 lights that we have tested. Samsung appliances can pair with the Google Home, refridgerator, stove, washer and dryer. You can see when they are running and stop, you can set your stove to cook and monitor it from the Google Home App.

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